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G & H Insurance, Inc. started in 1992 when Gwyn Boepple purchased the agency from another company.  Gwyn had been with the company a short time when they had decided to move their service center to another area.  When G & H started we were blessed to grow from one agent to multiple agents and team members by servicing policies in Kansas and other states (due to state license fees we no longer service policies for farmland outside of Kansas).

Gwyn Boepple, President

Gwyn started G & H Insurance and received her Crop Insurance Agent license in 1992.  After working for over 20 years and growing the business Gwyn retired as an Agent in 2014.

Darci Lyman, Agent

Darci came to G & H Insurance in 2005 from another multi-line agency.  She received her Property & Casuality (P & C) Insurance license in 2003.  She serves as our Office Manager which involves policy management and organization.

Clay Boepple, Agent

Clay (Gwyn's son) came to G & H and received his P & C License in 2007.  He also worked as a Crop Insurance Adjuster for a brief time from 1992-1993.  Clay received training to start our Mapping/GPS service and is in the process of training for our Precision Farming service.

Ryan Taylor, Agent

Ryan is our most recent agent to start with G & H Insurance.  Ryan is Lisa Taylor's son, received his P & C license in August of 2018 and has worked in our office since then.  He has served in the Army Reserves and law enforcement.  He has been a quick learner and has enjoyed meeting our customers.

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