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We are an independent agency that specializes in providing Multi-Peril and Crop-Hail Insurance to the farming community throughout Kansas.

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At G & H we sell Crop Insurance.  Our motto has been "Crop Insurance is our Only Business" and we take pride in providing a specialized service to an important group in our community and state.  Our farmers work hard at bringing food to our tables and we want to provide the protection they need to cover their crops.  Kansas is ranked #1 in the U.S. for wheat acres and #7 in corn acres (statistics provided by the USDA Quick Stats).  So, when storms come blowing in or when moisture does not come for months at a time, those crops need protection.


Crop Insurance, like most other types of insurance, provides limited protection for commodities from certain perils.  There are two (2) types of crop insurance that include:  Multi-Peril and Crop-Hail Insurance.  Multi-Peril Insurance is federally supported and regulated by the government and is sold and serviced by private-sector crop insurance companies.  Crop-Hail is provided by private-sector companies and is regulated by individual state insurance departments.  For specific types of policies and services we provide click on the "SERVICES" tab.  If you want to know more about Crop Insurance go to www.cropinsuranceinamerica.org.



We tell our customers that Crop Insurance is not an investment, it is an expense that provides protection for their commodities.  We say that producers should not farm to collect insurance claims.  Crop Insurance should be factored in as an expense just like the cost of the seed and fertilizer.



As an independent insurance agency we have the freedom to choose which underwriters we use.  Since we are not tied to one provider we can make sure our underwriters provide the best service to our customers that they deserve.  We currently write MPCI and Crop-Hail Insurance with RCIS and Rain and Hail.

This Agency is an "Equal Opportunity Provider."


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